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Man Steals SJPD Gun, Injures Officer



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    Police cars line the road near Stokes Street and Lee Avenue in San Jose where an officer was injured trying to apprehend a man who stole his gun.

    A man was arrested in San Jose for attacking an officer and stealing his gun.

    Sergeant Jason Dwyer said the San Jose Police Department received a call around around 10:30 a.m. Friday about a suspicious person near apartment complex on Lee Avenue and Stokes Streets in San Jose near Campbell.

    An officer responded and found the unnamed man and the suspect attacked the officer, according to police report.

    The man stole the officer's gun and the weapon discharged but bullets did not hit either man, according to Dwyer.

    He said the officer suffered gun residue burns and called for back up as the man ran away with the officer's gun.

    Two officers eventually found the man with the gun and they were able to arrest him and recover the gun without another bullet being fired, according to Dwyer.

    The officer was transported to a nearby hospital and the suspect was also treated for unknown injuries.

    The man is still being processed and has not been charged but Dwyer said he could face charges of attempted murder of an officer.