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Man's Hand Blown Off in Illegal Fireworks Blast



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    A teenager who was set to join the Marines later this year has lost a hand and a chunk of his leg after illegal firecrackers exploded in his pocket in Oakland.

    Josh Myers,19, was at a Fourth of July party on Sunday night when he says a floating ember ignited bottle rockets in his back pocket. The flames spread to his front pocket, which held two M-1000s.

    Myers says he realized the powerful firecrackers were about to explode and managed to push a 2-year-old girl out of the way. The blast also seriously injured the toddler's leg.

    The firecrackers were equivalent to a half-stick of dynamite. Myers says he bought the firecrackers from a guy on the street for $10 each.

    He says he had planned to join the Marines in September but now those dreams are dashed.