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Mayor Newsom Suffers a Howard Dean Relapse



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    Mayor Gavin Newsom might want to look for a new tag line.

    If you were wondering whether San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom learned from his Howard Dean moment, wonder no more.

    One of gay marriages most vocal supporters gained national recognition when a group of Prop. 8 supporters used Newsom's own words to scare voters to support the measure that banned gay marriage in California.

    "This door's wide open now," Newsom said last year after the California Supreme Court ruled gay marriage to be legal. "It's going to happen, whether you like it or not."

    Newsom said the ad was "effective" at getting Californians to vote against Prop. 8.

    On Wednesday, Newsom publicly repeated the phrase he himself described as "Howard Dean-esque." But this time the mayor was speaking about offering health care in San Francisco regardless of immigration status.

    To his credit, the mayor admitted at a health care reform summit in Mission Bay that "the phrase would be at his peril,"  according to the San Francisco Examiner

    But that didn't stop Newsom from saying “whether you like it or not” the country needs health care reform.