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Mission Comics Puts New Spin on Old Idea



    Mission Comics to begin letting customers check out graphic novels.

    Libraries have been doing it for years, and now Mission Comics is going to do something similar.

    The small shop located at 3520 20th Street in San Francisco, is going to let fans "check out" graphic novels. During these cash-strapped times, this isn't such a bad idea. But there's one catch - they need books for their rental library.

    To fill their shelves with books, the shop is offering people points for old graphic novels they bring in to contribute. After you round up some points, you can use your points to check out other books.

    Their blog says the rental points are based on the condition  and price of the novel. Generally between 5 and 10 points.

    In order to get more points, you need to either purchase them, or contribute more graphic novels to the pile.

    If you head down in the next few weeks they'll give you extra points for being an early adopter.