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Tossed Dog Case Reminiscent of Leo

One little South Bay dog has had quite a hard life in his one year on earth.



    The search is on for a small poodle terrier mix thrown from a moving car. Even the Coast Guard is involved. The driver never stopped, but amazingly, witnesses say the pup survived. As NBC Bay Area's Elyce Kurchner explains, there is a big problem with the potential rescue of the dog. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011)

    An alleged dog abuse case in Monterey County is reminding old-timers in the Bay Area of a similar case that happened back at the beginning of the 21st Century.  That dog's name was Leo and he was killed after being tossed into traffic in a case of road rage.

    In the current case, the dog's name is Frosty and was also thrown out of a car.  Frosty is a poodle-terrier mix. He was reported missing from the Santa Cruz SPCA.

    He was spotted in the city of Monterey, south of Santa Cruz. 

    The Santa Cruz SPCA said Frosty was last seen on the Coast Guard Pier after someone said they saw him being tossed from a car at the nearby tunnel. He was bleeding from the mouth and was not able to be caught before he ran off. 

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    Frosty is still on the loose and may be reluctant to approach people, officials said.

    Anyone who sees or catches Frosty or witnessed the incident with the car is asked to call the Santa Cruz SPCA at (831) 465-5000 or the Monterey SPCA at (831) 373-2631.  The press release said you could even call 911.

    His photo is in the video at the top of this article.  Leo is to the right. 

    As for Leo, he captured the nation's attention back in 2000 when a man named Andrew Burnett, angered after his car was involved in a fender bender near the San Jose airport, grabbed him and tossed him into oncoming traffic. Leo died. A Bay Area-wide manhunt ensued. Burnett was captured and ultimately sentenced to three years in prison.