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More Anonymous Arrests in SF Today



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    Members of Anonymous are getting picked up left and right. Today a two more were arrested, one reportedly was an unidentified man in San Francisco. The other was in Phoenix.

    Wired reports the man arrested in San Francisco was homeless and is suspected of attacking Santa Cruz County government websites.

    He is suspected to be an Anonymous ringleader named "Commander X."

    Anonymous has been in the news lately for organizing several BART protests in San Francisco.

    Anonymous and other cyber liberation group has also declared September 24 as a "Day of Vengeance" which will take place in "dozens of cities across the USA," says a press release, reported by Techland.

    Organizations to be targeted include Wall Street, Corrupt Banking Institutions, and the NYC Police Dept.

    In July, federal agents arrested 14 suspected Anonymous members, and five others were arrested overseas.