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Mountain Lion Spotted Near UC's Greek Theater

A mountain lion and her family are reportedly up in the hills.



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    Steven Luke Reports

    Next time you're at the Greek Theater and it gets wild, remind yourself: it can get wilder. As in the nearby mountain lion and her cubs wilder.
    University of California police have warned hikers to beware of a mountain lion and her cubs who may be living near the Greek Theater, according to Berkeleyside.

    The lion was spotted last week, the news site reported. She was seen near the Switching Station construction site near Stern Hall, on Galey Road.
    Hikers have in the past spotted lion scat as well as carcasses of animals like deer, possible meals for the lion.
    Many recall the incident in August 2010, in which a male mountain lion tired of hillside living and wandered into the city's Gourmet Ghetto, where it was shot and killed by police at 3:26 a.m.
    Hikers are asked to avoid hiking alone, especially at night, when lions are active. Keep children in sight and hike with a stick -- the better to ward off a lion with.