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Mozilla, Reddit Organize Against NSA: "Stop Watching Us"

NSA spy techniques not popular among tech firms.



    Mozilla, Reddit Organize Against NSA: "Stop Watching Us"
    A sign stands outside the National Security Administration (NSA) campus on Thursday, June 6, 2013, in Fort Meade, Md. Bay Area tech companies sounded off on their displeasure with the NSA.

    Some Bay Area web companies have a strong message to government entities like the National Security Agency, whose massive data-collection effort was revealed recently.

    "Stop watching us."

    Mozilla, Reddit and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have all joined up and formed a group called "Stop Watching Us," according to KQED.

    The "consortium of tech companies" are opposed to the "stunning abuse of basic rights," according to the radio station.

    Among their demands are an "immediate... halt" of the spy program as well as a reform of the Patriot Act, according to reports.

    Other companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft, who have had their users' data collected by the government, are pushing for more information about the "classified requests," KQED reported.

    The massive government-run spying program was divulged by leaker Edward Snowden, who is now on the run from authorities in Hong Kong.