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Muni Drivers Targeted in Thefts

Clothing, personal effects, even bikes targeted by thieves



    Muni Drivers Targeted in Thefts
    Jeff Muceus
    It's not clear whether thieves are targetting Muni jackets for the contents of the pockets or because it's a great fashion item.

    The San Francisco Police Department charges the Municipal Transportation Agency millions of dollars a year for services, but they haven't managed to stop a rash of reported thefts affecting drivers and riders alike.

    A Muni driver recently had to flag down an officer after spotting someone who had stolen his jacket two weeks earlier.

    It was the latest in a series of incidents this year in which Muni drivers have seen their personal effects stolen by perpetrators who disable electric buses by removing the connections to the overhead wires.

    The suspects then take advantage of the driver leaving their station at the front of the bus to steal everything from jackets to sweaters, electronics to sunglasses -- even bikes that have been placed on the front racks by riders.

    Maybe one way to raise revenue to help pay for those multi-million dollar SFPD work orders would be to open an online store selling Muni wear -- at least might curtail any criminals with passionate fashion motives

    Photo by Jeff Muceus.

    Jackson West would totally wear a Muni jacket.