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Mystery Bird Die-Offs Hit Bay Area



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    A cockatoo performs by pedaling a tricycle during a performance at Bird Island Zoo, as part of celebrations of the May Day Holiday on May 2, 2009 in Shenyang of Liaoning Province, China.

    All around the country, hundreds of birds have been dropping dead from the sky, and now it's happened in the Bay Area. And one religious leader thinks she knows the cause: gay people.

    This weekend over a hundred dead birds were found near where Highway 101 passes through Geyserville, according to a local paper.

    At first look, there's no apparent cause of death. None showed exterior signs of injury, and they all appeared to be the same species.

    The Department of Fish and Game has collected samples and is currently testing the animals to determine a cause of death.

    It's just the latest in a recent string of mass die-offs. In Arkansas, thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky, and several hundred more were found dead in Louisiana. Thousands of fish died in Lake Michigan this week. Aspen trees have been dying in large numbers throughout the west.

    Texas minister Cindy Jacobs thinks she's figured out a possible explanation: the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. She pointed out that the Arkansas birds died in a town named Beebe, which is also the last name of the governor, and that former governor Bill Clinton signed Don't Ask Don't Tell into law. So, clearly, this is a message from God.


    Except that every year, there are several hundred large-scale animal die-offs around the country, so it's really not that unusual.