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New Jobs For Laid Off Solyndra Workers

Solar companies come together to hire



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    Garvin Thomas
    There are still jobs out there to be had for Solyndra employees.

    There are still jobs to be had in the solar industry.

    With all the bad news for Solyndra employees, and partly because of the spillover into the political arena, most of us have missed out on something pretty important:  There are still jobs, and there is still growth, in the solar industry.

    That goes extra in the Bay Area, which is holding a job fair today specifically for Solyndra workers laid off when their former company suddenly closed and filed for bankruptcy protection.

    The job fair runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at Newark's Ohlone College, on Cherry Street.  We're told that more than two dozen solar companies will be there, looking to grow.  Now, it's safe to say that these companies that have managed to stay open during challenging times for green tech may not be paying quite as much as Solyndra, and certainly don't have the super futuristic high tech facilities, but, as we've learned, that's a good thing.

    To paraphrase Neil Young, it's better to stay open, and grow slowly, than to burn out and fade away.

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