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Occupy Movement Spreads to SJSU

Students plan to gather on campus to support the Occupy movements nationwide



    Occupy Movement Spreads to SJSU
    Ayesha Minhaj
    Students from San Jose State University stand next to the school's statues of Tommie Smith and John Carlos in solidarity with Occupy Oakland protesters, on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

    The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to the campus of San Jose State University. A group of demonstrators have gathered outside Dwight Bentel Hall on Wednesday in a show of solidarity with Occupy protests across the Bay Area and the rest of the nation.

    On Wednesday morning, the group consisted of less than 10 individuals who say they are confident more supporters will come out as the week progresses. Campus fliers with statements like "because administrators, not faculty, get raises" are urging students to join the movement at 1:30 pm today.

    The group says that while everyone supports the ultimate goal of ending corporate greed, they also have personal reasons for participating in the protests.

    Daniel McCormick, a first year biology student, was dropped from all of his courses at SJSU when he didn't pay a fee he says he was unaware of. McCormick says he's fed up with the school's rising tuition rates and bureaucracy, and is hoping the Occupy SJSU movement will bring attention to the schools lack of transparency.

    Curtis Fox, a fifth-year chemical engineering student says he's participating in the movement to bring attention to corporate and government injustices. When asked if he will be skipping classes to participate in the protests, Fox says education is too important for him, but he won't be surprised if other student's do skip.

    Fellow protester Jonathan Perez, a first-year biology student, holds the same sentiments. Perez says he will attend all of his classes, but plans on taking the movement with him and spreading the message to his classmates through discussions.

    The group is planning on continuing the protests for several days, and says they will remain next to the Tommie Smith and John Carlos statues for as long as they can.