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Peninsula Garbage Workers Walk Off the Job



    Peninsula Garbage Workers Walk Off the Job
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    Chicago's mayor vows to fire city garbage collectors found to be slacking off on the job.

    Garbage workers in San Mateo County started a 48-hour strike today  to protest stalled contract negotiations with Allied Waste Industries, a  company spokeswoman said.

    Thirteen workers at the Ox Mountain Landfill near Half Moon Bay  are participating in a two-day strike over negotiations that have stalled  since their contract expired at the end of 2009, Allied Waste spokeswoman Peg  Mulloy said.

    An additional 250 workers, mostly truck drivers and garbage  collectors based at the company's San Carlos facility, have decided to walk  off the job in solidarity with their 13 colleagues.

    Allied Waste officials were told about the landfill walkout by  union officials before it occurred, allowing enough time to hire replacement  workers for today and Thursday, Mulloy said.

    However, the walkout by the San Carlos employees was unexpected,  she said.

    "It's disappointing that the union would do something to  negatively impact our customers," Mulloy said. The workers are members of the  Teamsters Local 350 union.

     Some commercial customers will be serviced during the walkout, but  residential customers will experience delays, she said.

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