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Teens Steal a Picasso from Marin Mansion

Teenagers lifted a $30,000 Picasso lithograph from the former Marin home of a disgraced world leader.



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    Marin Independent Journal
    This is a grounds and pool view from Sept. 1994 outside the mansion in Novato, Calif., bought by former Ukranian Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko for $6.7 million.

    Ain't no party like a Marin mansion party at the home of a deposed world leader -- because such parties include the theft of silver candlesticks and paintings by Pablo Picasso.

    A lithograph worth $30,000 by the famous artist is among the items missing from a mansion on Obertz Lane in South Novato, the old residence of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    Teens were caught partying at the "nine-bedroom, 19,500-square-foot house" on May 27 but fled before police could apprehend them, the newspaper reported. The stolen loot, which included the Picasso as well as "another $5,000 in silver candlesticks, leather coats and laptop computers" was found missing by a caretaker on May 28.

    Lazarenko is in prison on Terminal Island since a 1998 arrest and conviction for money laundering.

    Several entities, including Marin County, have filed claims on the mansion for unpaid tax bills.