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Fremont PD Investigate "Bizarre" Terrier Mix Case



    Fremont PD Investigate "Bizarre" Terrier Mix Case
    Fremont police
    Two terrier mixes now at Fremont's Tri-City Animal Shelter

    UPDATE: Fremont police reported Friday that the owners of these dogs claimed the canines Thursday.


    Fremont police have investigated high-profile bombers, tracked down killers in vicious hate crimes and now, they're in hot in pursuit of tracking down the owner of two terrier mixes.

    The pair of pups - which look a lot alike - were both found Wednesday morning half a mile from each other by two separate witnesses, according to police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.

    What makes this case stand out is that one witness thought he saw the first dog jump out - or get pushed out - of a blue pickup truck about 8:45 a.m. near Fremont Boulevard and Gibraltar Drive, but the driver never turned around to retrieve the dog.Then, shortly afterward, a nearly identical looking terrier was found half a mile away.

    Bosques said the animal services employees are pretty sure the dogs are brothers. They are both "very cute," groomed, terrier mixes, about three to five years old, and are not neutered, she said.

    Plus, both were wearing harnesses and leashes but no microchips.

    "This is a confusing story for us," Bosques said. "It's bizarre."

    For now, the officers at the Tri-City Animal Shelter are leaning toward the idea that the pooches were abandoned. If not, Bosques wants to get the word out so the owners will know where there dogs are.

    But if they were, Bosques encouraged the owners to call to say they are tired of their pets. That way, families who want to adopt the dogs will know a bit about their temperament and medical history.

    She said this is not a criminal investigation and police don't plan on making any arrests if the real owners are found.

    Anyone with information is urged to call the Tri-City Animal Shelter at 510-790-6630.