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Puking in the Park - DATE CHANGED!

Group plans protest of puke.



    Puking in the Park - DATE CHANGED!
    People plan protest of picnic permits with puke.

    UPDATE: The scheduled "Puke-In" at Dolores has been rescheduled to next Saturday, April 30th, out of "respect for Earth Day" says their Facebook page.


    If the idea of commercializing the parks of San Francisco makes you sick, you may want to stock up on your ipecac, and head to Dolores Park this Saturday.

    A group of folks opposed to the idea of required permits to picnic in the park, is staging a "Puke-In" , April 23, at 2:00 p.m. at Dolores, says SF Weekly.

    According to the Facebook page, "Privatization makes me sick" is the slogan they're going with.

    "I'm gonna puke!!!!! How do you get the attention of the people of SF? The neighbors of Dolores Park have no idea that the trailer issue is even back, so to get the word out and get people talking about it, we are gonna have a protest, sort of. We're all gonna puke in Dolores Park on Saturday the 23rd 30th at 2:00. More details soon. Privatizing our parks makes me sick. How about you?"

    This is an strange method of protest, and I'm not sure it will do much, other than make the Recreation and Parks Department require you have a permit to barf in the park.