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RIP #StevetheSinkHole, 'Andy Asphalt' is Born: Highway 13 in Oakland Now Open



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    CHP Oakland
    Caltrans crews work to repair a sinkhole on Highway 13 at Broadway Terrace that the California Highway Patrol named Highway 13 "Steve." Jan. 23, 2017

    Rest in peace to "Steve" the sinkhole.

    He was roughly 35 hours old.

    At about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, the California Highway Patrol announced the massive hole in Highway 13 at Broadway Terrace in Oakland was fully filled in with concrete, and drivers could now ride freely on the newly named "Andy Asphalt."

    It was obvious the CHP was having a little fun with the agency's social media account, tweeting and Facebooking updates on the sinkhole officers nicknamed Steve. (Because, they said, why not?)

    The sinkhole was reported on Monday at 5:20 a.m. after a weekend of pounding rainstorms. And Caltrans worked for more than a day to repair it by filling it in with concrete.

    While East Bay drivers sure didn't enjoy single-tracking it along Highway 13, many on Twitter got some laughs over the naming of Steve, possibly the first sinkhole in the United States to be named.

    The Life and Death of #StevetheSinkhole The Life and Death of #StevetheSinkhole

    For example, Kristin Rasmussen tweeted: "The fact that the CHP named this sinkhole makes my day/week/year."

    Officer Sean Wilkenfeld, the Oakland division's spokesman, acknowledged to NBC Bay Area that he is indeed the mastermind of and "stepfather" of Steve's creation.

    "We constantly are putting out public safety messages," he said. "And I get it, sometimes they get lost in the jumble. Sometimes you gotta' think outside the box."

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