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Raiders Make Employees Work to Keep Salaries



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    Al Davis and his fellow Raiders' management team has come up with creative ways to allow employees to keep their full salaries during the ongoing NFL lockout.

    The NFL lockout hasn't just affected players.

    Seven of the NFL's 32 teams have instituted pay cuts or furloughs for other employees since the lockout began March 12, The Associated Press found in interviews conducted with each club.

    The seven teams are Miami, Buffalo, the New York Jets, Kansas City, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Arizona.

    No Bay Area teams have directly cut salaries but the Oakland Raiders implemented a uniquq plan that allows employees to keep their full pay if they sell a certain number of season tickets.

    In all, the number of affected employees who work for either the clubs or the league is likely more than 100.

    The Packers have a plan to hold back salaries for employees at the management level and higher, but those cutbacks would only go into effect if a game or games are missed.

    Players salaries are not directly impacted until the league misses games as well. But some players lose out on offseason bonuses, such as work out incentives.