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Reliance on Federal Dollars Hurts UC Berkeley

A plan to rely on federal dollars is blowing up in UC Berkeley's face.



    Reliance on Federal Dollars Hurts UC Berkeley
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    UC Berkeley students walk through Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus. The school is losing $50 million in federal funding.

    In a quest to replace funding taken away by the state of California, UC Berkeley decided to rely on federal dollars.

    Now those are going away, too.

    The research university is losing another $50 million it planned to use to pay researchers, according to the Business Times.

    The $50-million drop is without the cuts coming from the federal sequester, which went into effect on Friday, the newspaper reported. That means the $400 million in grants received from the likes of the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation will be even smaller.

    Money from the U.S. government makes up about 18 percent of Berkeley's total revenue, the newspaper reported.

    While the cuts won't immediately impact student aid, they will eventually, and in the meantime jobs will be lost, the university announced.