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State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez Faces DUI Charge

Lawmaker says he does not believe he was drunk and that the blood alcohol test will prove that



    State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez Faces DUI Charge
    Concord Police Department
    This is the mug shot of Roger Hernandez taken early Tuesday by the Concord police department.

    A State Assemblyman from the Los Angeles area faces possible DUI charges after being pulled over in a hotel parking lot in the Bay Area.

    Officers in Concord, Calif., stopped Roger Hernandez, D-West Covina, "for weaving within driving lanes and failing to use turn signals while on Concord Avenue at Meridian Park Boulevard," police said.

    Hernandez pulled over in a hotel parking lot, and during the traffic stop, he displayed further symptoms of intoxication, police said.

    Police said he failed a field sobriety test so they arrested him on probable cause of driving under the influence.

    Miami Police Department

    Hernandez was taken to the police jail for a blood test and then to the Martinez Detention Facility for booking.

    This all happened Monday night.

    Police said they are waiting for the results of the blood test before deciding whether to forward the case to the district attorney's office.

    Hernandez told the Sacramento Bee that he had "two, maybe three glasses of wine over the course of a period longer than four hours after dinner. I was not drunk. I believe the evidence will show that I was not drunk. I felt very clear and coherent. I felt very comfortable driving."

    He also told the newspaper he doesn't think the officer had probable cause to pull him over because he thinks he properly signaled before pulling into the parking lot at Concord and Meridian Park Boulevard.