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Run Ed Run Group Gets Reason For Hope

Up until this week, Lee has given "the hand" to any thought of him running for mayor in November.



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    If San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee would enter the race, he would become an instant frontrunner. i

    The group of San Franciscans who are making it their mission to get interim San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to run for the office in November have new reason for hope.

    For the first time on Wednesday, Lee refused to rule out running for the office during press event.  The event was not about politics.  Lee was welcoming the Prime Minister of New Zealand. But this time, when a question about a possible mayoral run was thrown out by reporters, Lee took a difference stance.

    The Chronicle writes that Lee responded that he had been in interesting discussions and then added, "That doesn't necessarily translate into elections. He then said he wanted to "leave it at that."

    The Board of Supervisors appointed Lee as mayor in January after former Mayor Gavin Newsom was elected to a state office.

    On Wednesday Lee was asked if he would categorically rule out running in November. To that line of questioning Lee did what's known as a "side step," which means he didn't answer. Instead he said he was proud of his achievements in office so far and then followed by a list of said achievements.

    The non-answer answer is sure to lead to an increase in speculation that Mr. Lee is in fact considering running.

    Stay tuned.