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Russian Hill Couple: Wily Coyote Killed Our Cat



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    A grieving Russian Hill couple says a wild coyote killed their cat.

    Melissa Dunn told the Chronicle her husband and her gardener saw what they said was a coyote near their home on the same day they found their black cat named Ulubulu dead.

    Ulubulu never returned home after being let out early Tuesday morning.  They found his limp body 15 feet from the front door.

    Dunn said she called the city's animal-control office and state fish and game authorities.

    Animal-control officers told the paper they have had reported sightings in the same general area prior to Tuesday and had put flyers out in the area with tips showing how to coexist with coyotes.

    It's a problem one would expect to face in the Bay Area's outer suburbs, not the thoroughly urban environs of Russian Hill, the famed Barbary Coast neighborhood of Tales of the City. The area where the cat was killed Tuesday is on Greenwich Street between Leavenworth and Hyde streets. 

    Ulubulu's owners said they wanted to get the word out so people in their neighborhood can keep their animals, especially cats, inside.