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    An Icelandair plane takes off from Glasgow International Airport traveling to Reykjavik in Iceland, as flights resume after disruption ash from a volcano in Iceland choked the jet age to a halt Tuesday, April 20 2010. Applause, cheers and whoops of joy rang out at airports around the world Tuesday as airplanes gradually took to the skies after five days of being grounded by a volcanic ash cloud that has devastated European travel. But U.K. authorities said London airports _ a major hub for thousands of daily flights worldwide _ would remained closed for at least another day due to new danger from the invisible ash cloud. (AP Photo/Chris Clark)

    Flights between SFO and Europe were cleared to resume Wednesday, but travelers are still being advised to check with individual airlines.

    Most airspace in Europe was open Thursday, although shifting winds are still making the situation volatile as airports follow the cloud of volcanic ash.

    Here's a country by county list courtesy of the Associated Press:

    •  Austria: Austrian airspace remains open after permission to resume takeoffs and landings took effect Monday. Traffic normalizing.
    • Britain: British airspace open and all major airports open.
    • Croatia: Airspace and all airports open.
    • Czech Republic: Airspace and all airports have been open since Monday. Air traffic getting back to normal.
    • Denmark: All airspace is open until further notice.
    • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: The airspace of all three Baltic countries is open, but some flights are still canceled due to restrictions in other countries.
    • Finland: Helsinki Airport and most airports in southern Finland have been opened. National carrier Finnair has resumed long-haul flights to and from Japan and China, and some European destinations.
    • France: All airspace is open and the Paris airport authority has announced a "return to normal." But the airport authority urges passengers to verify with airlines that their flights are really departing before going to the airport. Air France says it has totally resumed flight traffic and is serving all destinations Thursday except for Goteborg and Helsinki.
    • Germany: Airspace and airports are open.
    • Greenland: Airspace is open until further notice.
    • Hungary: Airspace has been open since early Tuesday.
    • Netherlands: Airspace is open. KLM and partner airlines have temporarily expanded capacity on some long-haul routes from Schiphol, including many trans-Atlantic, in hopes of catching up on their schedule.
    • Norway: Airspace in Norway has reopened again after being partially closed Thursday morning. Airspace is expected to remain open until at least 1800 GMT (2 p.m. EDT).
    • Serbia and Montenegro: Airspace and all airports open since Sunday. Serbia's national carrier JAT Airways says it is flying to all scheduled destinations, but that disruptions are possible on flights to Paris, Copenhagen and Frankfurt.
    • Slovakia: The country's airspace open since Monday. Ryanair resumed flights to and from the capital, Bratislava Thursday at 0500 GMT (1 a.m. EDT).
    • Slovenia: Airspace and airports open, except for Ljubljana international airport, which is closed due to repairs.
    • Spain: All airports and airspace open.
    • Sweden: All Stockholm airports and Goteborg's Landvetter airport are open, but Stockholm's Arlanda and Bromma airports are expected to close again at 2000 GMT (4 p.m. EDT) and Landvetter also at around 2200 GMT (4 p.m. EDT). Malmo airport in the south is closed. Airspace in parts of northern Sweden is also closed although overflights at high altitude are permitted.
    • Switzerland -- Swiss airspace is open. Six flights were canceled at Geneva airport Thursday and 42 were canceled at Zurich airport.