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SFPD: Dolores Park Stabbing Was Random Act



    SFPD: Dolores Park Stabbing Was Random Act
    Steven Damron
    Selling 'ade to Dolores Park dwellers is still a no-no, even if you're adorable kids full of entrepreneurial spirit.

    A group of up to a dozen people stabbed and robbed a 40-year-old  San Francisco man walking by himself through Dolores Park early Saturday  morning, a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said.

          Police responded at around 1:30 a.m. to an area of the park around  19th and Church streets and found that the victim had been beaten, robbed and  stabbed multiple times in the torso, officer Samson Chan said.
    The victim was transported to a local hospital with  life-threatening injuries.
    Police detained seven people and three of those people have  subsequently been arrested, Chan said. The suspects, two adults ages 18 and  20 and one 17-year-old, were arrested on charges of attempted murder robbery,  Chan said.
    A few suspects are still at large. The incident is under  investigation.

    Neighbors say that the park has people at all hours of the night using it as a drinking spot.  They said they don't feel safe using it in the nighttime.

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