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SF's Famous Lusty Lady Peep Show to Close

Legendary Lusty Lady to be no more.



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    Exotic dancers 'Malena' and 'Kaya' dance under red lights at the Lusty Lady strip club after the club’s official reopening, June 26, 2003 in San Francisco. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    San Francisco is a union town no more. At least not for naked adult entertainment.

    The "venerable" Lusty Lady Theatre -- the peep show in North Beach's red-light district -- will shut down Sept. 2, after losing its lease.

    The 24-hour a day, seven-day-a-week Lady is the only known strip club with unionized workers in the world, according to the newspaper. And not only that, it's a worker-owned co-op, according to the Chronicle.

    But it's not labor strife that will close the door forever.

    According to the paper, the landlord, Roger Forbes, consistently raised the rents over the past year, to the level where the Lusty Lady has been behind since April.

    Lusty Lady performer and PR representative Princess informed SFist that a lower rent had been negotiated but never finalized. The landlord pushed for the higher rent, which the club cannot afford.

    In exchange for relief on the rents, the club will close Sept. 2.

    "Good thing we have all those tissues," Princess told SFist, "because there's gonna be crying."