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SF's Levis Under Fire for New Ad

All shapes and sizes? I don't think so.



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    Levis thought it was being pretty smart when it launched its ad campaign saying, "Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes." Trouble is, the ad didn't really represent any size but one.

    An advertising watchdog blog has called out San Francisco-based Levis, saying the ad is an insult to women size six and over. The ad is part of a campaign for Levis Curve ID jeans.

    Yahoo! Shine talked to Levis and found the company has already changed the campaign. The image was part of the initial Curve ID campaign launched in 2010. Since then, Levis has changed things up, using an ad plays down the word "curve" and focuses on the jeans. While there are no plus-size models, the sizes vary a little more.

    Levis says if you want a true representation of "real women", go to their Facebook page.