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San Jose to Tackle Graffiti Cleanup on 13th Street Rail Bridge



    San Jose crews fanned out Monday night to clean up tagging and graffiti on U.S. Highway 101 at the 13th Street bridge. Lots of business owners are upset with all the graffiti. Councilman Sam Liccardo wants the city to build higher fences and barricades to keep the taggers away. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Tuesday, May 14, 2013)

    San Jose is about to tackle one of the worst eyesores in the South Bay.

    Starting Monday  night, workers will begin removing and painting over the graffiti that covers the 13th Street rail bridge over U.S. Highway 101. 

    There is so much graffiti that the entire job might run into Wednesday.  The city is warning that some lanes of 101 might be shut down overnight.  Workers will also be cleaning up the McKee and Bird Avenue bridges over 101.

    Bird Avenue has become infamous for the "RIP Tommy" tag that greets drivers as they head into the downtown.  Caltrans and Union Pacific have raised the fence and added barbed wire along the 13th Street bridge in effort to keep out taggers. 

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    But on Monday morning, there was an area where taggers had peeled back another part of the chain link, showing how easy it is for people to trespass, even on this tiny ledge on the bridge.