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San Mateo County Election Results

The news was mostly good for school on the peninsula.



    San Mateo County Election Results

    Six measures were decided by less than five percentage points, but  nine of the 12 ballot measures in San Mateo County passed, according to  unofficial results released Tuesday.
        Measure H, which would have provided county community colleges  with renovation funds, failed to get the necessary 55 percent of the vote to  pass, finishing with an unofficial count of 52.75 percent in the 440  precincts.

        If passed, it would provide $564 million in bonds to construct and  upgrade classrooms at the three county campuses -- College of San Mateo,  Canada College, and Skyline College -- by adding $12.90 annually to each  $100,000 in assessed properties, according to official estimates.     Three of the four school district measures have initially passed  with the exception of Measure O, which would have given the San Bruno Unified  School District with $186 million in funds to help pay off district debts,  fund classroom projects and finance a new continuation school.
        Less than five percentage points decided the four school measures.
        Measure E's educational parcel tax was passed with just more than  the two-thirds vote needed. The funds will go to the San Bruno Elementary  School District.
        Measure N, the Millbrae School District bond measure, passed with  58 percent of the votes. Measure L, a Pacifica School District parcel tax,  also passed with 68.7 percent of the votes, just getting over the needed  two-thirds vote.
        Foster City and Redwood City each passed a transient occupancy  tax, Measure P and Measure I, respectively. Foster City will raise the tax on  hotel guests from 8 percent to 9.5 percent and Redwood City will add a 10  percent tax to hotel guests.
        A general plan and municipal code amendment, Measure G, in San  Mateo narrowly failed to pass, only earning 48 percent of the simple majority  needed to pass.
        Redwood City passed a new business license tax, Measure M, with 55  percent of the vote.
        Menlo Park passed a fire protection district appropriation limit,  Measure F, with 76.8 percent. Brisbane passed Measure J, imposing a new  business license tax, with a 77 percent approval.
        Redwood City approved a charter amendment, Measure L, with a  convincing 61 percent vote.
        Measures F, J, L and M each needed a simple majority to pass.