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Santa Clara Stadium Scares Great America

Theme park wants to be reimbursed for lost business from proposed stadium for the Santa Clara 49ers



    Santa Clara Stadium Scares Great America
    Martin Lewison
    The new stadium would displace parts of Great America's parking lot.

    The owners of Six Flags Great America are demanding that the city of Santa Clara reimburse the park for business lost to a proposed stadium, or else they will sue to stop the project.

    Cedar Fair Entertainment, which owns the park, says that taxpayers may lose out -- the company pays up to $5 million a year to the city as part of the leasing agreement for the land.

    This is the second time the company has threatened to block the project if it doesn't get a cut.

    Santa Clara is considering building a new football stadium on land currently used by Six Flags for parking.

    The new stadium plan is part of the city's effort to woo the NFL's San Francisco 49ers down the peninsula.

    Voters will be given a chance to vote on $114 million in loans and taxes to help pay for a building estimated to cost nearly a billion dollars.

    Photo by Martin Lewison.

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