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Search for More Remains in San Joaquin County

Police have found remains at the direction of Speed Freak Killer.



    Search for More Human Remains in San Joaquin County

    A thousand bones and a well deep with terror, grief and so many painful questions. The digging is done at the mass grave in San Joaquin County where the so-called "Speed Freak Killers" abandoned their victims. Tomorrow, a camera will be lowered and investigators will take one grisly final look. That site is near the town of Linden -- a spot marked by death row inmate Wesley Shermantine as the dumping ground used by he and fellow killer Loren Herzog. NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd reports from San Joaquin County, where many people are hoping for some closure to their loved ones' cases. (Published Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012)

    Peace of mind, but there will never be peace in her heart.  Sue Kizer’s daughter Gayle Marks was 18 and never returned home in October 1988. 

    She says she kind of hopes her daughter is one of Shermantine’s victims.  “I kind of hope she is one of their victims I can finally get it over with have some peace,” Kizer said. 

    Now Kizer says the discovery of bones in a mass grave in Linden makes her wonder.  “She was really friendly. I can imagine if one of them started talking to her they would have offered her a ride she would have gone,” Kizer said. 

    There are many other families who believe speed freak killers Westly Shermantine and  Loren Herzog killed their loved one. 

    State assembly woman Cathleen Galgiani, who represents parts of San Joaquin County, counts herself among them. 

    Galgiani says her cousin Dena McHan went missing December 6, 1981.  She was 19 years old.  Galgiani says, “There’s nothing to go on. There are no leads so there’s no case to move forward families are left with simply not knowing." 

    All they know is right now this map drawn by Shermantine lead search teams to this area where they have unearthed one thousand bone fragments, so far,  from the Linden well. 

    Authorities believed they reached the bottom of the well where they found shoes, a purse, coats and a woman’s ring.  But mother’s like Sue Kizer believes this discovery doesn’t give people like her hope, it only brings more pain. 

    "Why should he be rewarded for what he did. He’s on death row he should be dead.” Kizer said.