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Searchers Scour New Area for Hassani



    Searchers Scour New Area for Hassani
    5-year-old Hasanni Campbell was reported missing Aug. 10

    About a dozen people dropped everything Tuesday and started a new search for the missing Bay Area child.

    Hassani Campbell, 5, hasn't been seen since August.  His foster father reported him missing after he said he left him for a short time in an unlocked car while he went inside a shoe store in the Rockridge area of Oakland.

    Sherri-Lynn Miller tells NBC Bay Area a well known psychic told her that Hassani Campbell is somewhere in Mt. Diablo Park.

    The word from a psychic was enough for a group of dedicated people, most who have never met the little boy, to stop what they were doing and hit the road late Tuesday afternoon.

    Oakland police say they are not taking part in the search.  Miller and her search party are only armed with flashlights Tuesday night and they say they won't let darkness stop them.

    Miller is the owner of a shirt shop in San Leandro and has become the defacto leader of the dwindling group of people hoping to find the boy.   His relatives often don't even show up for searches or memorials in his honor.

    Miller said they will search an area off Marsh Creek road.  She said the psychic gave her a very specific location and surroundings where the boy's body would be found.  Miller said the pyschic called them out of the blue with the tip.

    Hassani's foster parents were initially arrested in the case, but Oakland police then released them.

    The news media just learned Monday that the foster parents, Louis Ross and Jennifer Campbell, recently moved out of the Bay Area.