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Speaking Out: Halloween Victim's Family Shares Pain

Family says son is improving, and is off a respirator



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    The parents of the boy shot on Halloween night in San Jose are talking publicly for the first time.

    "We are going through a very difficult time," said an emotional Yesenia Contreras of her family's effort to deal with a violent attack on her son.

    Yesenia is the mother of the 12 year old who was shot in the head while he was trick or treating with a friend.

    The friend was stabbed, and is doing okay.

    Parents Speak Out Following Attack

    [BAY] Parents Speak Out Following Attack
    The parents of the boy who was shot while trick or treating in San Jose talked to reporters Monday.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 23, 2009)

    According to police, the suspects are reputed San Jose gang members.  They says neither of the victims are gang members, but that the attack was gang related.

    The San Jose police homicide unit took over the investigation because of the viciousness of the attacks.

    "Senseless, really,' said homicide detective Sgt. Mike Brown. "There was nothing either one of these victims said or did to let anyone believe they were members of a gang."

    Sgt. Brown says neither victim was wearing red shoes, as has been rumored.

    Four of the alleged attackers are behind bars and investigators believe there may be one or two others still at large.

    "As a motivation as to why, I'm still scratching my head," said Brown.

    In Spanish, the Contreras family said they arrived in this country from Mexico six years ago.

     Their son is a sixth grader at Lee Mathson Middle School, and received his latest report card from his hospital bed.

    He earned mostly A's and B's.

    The San Jose Peace Officer's Association is helping the Contreras family.

    Samuel Contreras has been out of work in the construction industry.  Yesenia hasn't returned to work as a janitor, since the shooting.

    So the SJPOA is accepting donations to help the family pay bills and rent.

    Yesenia Contreras was able to say one thing in English. "For the community, thanks for your help."