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Folks Claim Ownership of 'Chip' the Chicken Who Strutted on Bay Bridge



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    Jeff Chu
    A chicken was strutting around the Bay Bridge toll plaza on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015.

    About half a dozen people are squawking that they own the chicken who was trying to cross the road, er, the Bay Bridge, this week.

    "We've had about five people call to say they were the owners, plus a couple of rescue groups interested in adopting her," Oakland Animal Shelter manager Tiana Scott said on Friday. "But no one has been able to prove ownership through pictures or vet records or even a story of how she ended up on the Bay Bridge."

    Hopefully the chicken - nicknamed "Chip" by the California Highway Patrol after she was found wandering on the Bay Bridge Wednesday - will find its rightful home, Scott said. But if not, she added, the shelter will try to find a rescue center that will take her.

    As for Chip, she seems to be doing just fine. In fact, after the whole ordeal - including being put in the back of a CHP patrol car - she laid an egg.

    "She's been a great chicken thus far," Scott said. "She felt comfortable enough to lay an egg. She has two little Bantam rooster friends next to her keeping her company."