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Stanford Makes Bid to Build NYC Campus

The Farm in the Big Apple?



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    It's official. This week Stanford University submitted its proposal to city officials in New York to build a campus on the island of Manhattan.

    In it, Stanford outlined its plan to build a high tech graduate degree campus in engineering, computer science and business.

    "Whether there will be another hub of innovation in the world is not in doubt. The only question is where it will evolve," the plan states. "Silicon Valley is unique, and replicating its success will be a challenge. But we believe it can be done. Stanford University has the expertise and the track record, and New York City is the place to apply them."

    Stanford says it wants to break ground in 2013 and be able to enroll 440 master's and PhD students by the fall of 2015, with an overall goal of getting 2,000 students at the New York City location.

    Stanford is one of 26 colleges who are trying to get a spot on the most treasured real estate in the country.  Late last year, Mayor Michael Bloomberg put out a call for a university to partner with New York to build a world-class science research campus.

    Cornell, Columbia, Purdue and the University of Chicago have also submitted bids. Schools in India and Israel have also reportedly expressed interest.