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Store Cashier Helps Cops Catch Stun-Gun Thieves

A quick-thinking teenage store clerk helped police catch two alleged thieves.



    Store Cashier Helps Cops Catch Stun-Gun Thieves
    Getty Images / Scott Olson

    A 19-year old store clerk at a Mill Valley hardware store helped police apprehend a pair of stun-gun and pepper spray-stealing suspects, according to reports.

    Jonathan Speas is headed off to the United States Army next month, according to the Marin Independent Journal. On Sunday morning, the future soldier was showing off pepper spray and stun guns to a pair of women at Goodman Building Supply. They were looking for the non-lethal weapons that "would do the most damage," according to the newspaper.

    A couple of 800,000-volt weapons were demonstrated. The items in hand, the women told Speas they wanted to look at items in other departments before simultaneously taking off for separate exits.

    In the parking lot, the women leapt into a vehicle for their getaway. Speas photographed the car and its license plate, and this evidence was used to capture the car and the women ten minutes later in Marin City, the newspaper said.

    Speas was also allowed to photograph the arrests, according to the newspaper, and these photos will now adorn the front window of the store as a shoplifting deterrent.