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Strange New Way to Get Married



    Strange New Way to Get Married
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    American actor Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock and Canadian actor William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk appear in a scene from 'The Man Trap,' the premiere episode of 'Star Trek,' which aired on September 8, 1966. (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

    Kyle Seeson and Nancy Kerr will report to the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise this weekend for one out-of-this-world wedding.

    The Berkeley couple beat out more than a dozen others from across the universe to win the privilege to renew their vows on the Star Trek set based on the original series.

    The contest was designed for those "special" people who think "live long and prosper" is a good pick-up line.

    Instead of a tux and a gown, Kyle and Nancy said they will be in full Star Trek gear for the nuptials.  They expect similar attire for the 30 or so guests.

    The Tech Museum in San Jose is hosting a Star Trek exhibit, and decided to have a little extra fun by turning the bridge over for an ancient human ritual called marriage.

    Kerr and Seeson and their closest friends will gather this Saturday at the hallowed space where William Shatner became famous playing the melodramatic Capt. Kirk.  This is the second time around for them.  Their original wedding date was October 2004.

    "We've seen many a Star Trek character fall in love and get married on the series," Peter Friess, the museum's president said when announcing the contest. "But how many couples actually have the chance to get married in real life, on one of the most iconic science fiction set pieces ever?"

    The Tech's Facebook fans picked the winning couple.

    Time is running out to see the exhibition.  It closes this Sunday.

    Lori Preuitt can't deny that she was a Trekkie during her college years.  No costumes, but she did stand in line for hours for each of the Star Trek movies.