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Studies: Smart Meters are Safe Meters



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    A growing body of evidence shows that SmartMeters are safe, but superstitious activists are unlikely to believe it.

    The problem is that the technology is still very new, and there are still a few unanswered questions about the utility meters' long-term effects. That's why scientists have launched a massive research project into the impact of wireless devices.

    Other studies are still underway, from the FDA to a group in Europe, according to the CC Times.

    It's entirely possible for radiation to be harmless to humans. Radio waves and even visible light are forms of radiation. Wireless communications devices can't penetrate skin, so they're unlikely to affect health. The SmartMeters emit a miniscule amount of energy.

    Nevertheless, some people believe that they can "sense" harmful emanations from the devices. Some older studies have called for additional research, adding fuel to suspicions that there's more to be learned about SmartMeters.

    SmartMeters allow utility companies to more effectively monitor energy use, and to identify electrical problems. Eventually, the technology will allow consumers to control their appliances remotely -- like checking to make sure the oven is off without having to return home.

    The massive study currently underway will cost millions and will examine every possible impact from wireless radiation. It's expected to be done in 2014.