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Twitter, Zynga Will Hire Local -- Mayor Ed Lee Promises

Mayor Ed Lee promises that the tech sector will hire local residents.



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    Mayor Ed Lee on top of the roof of Twitter's new HQ in San Francisco.

    Want a job at Zynga or Twitter? You'll get it -- because Mayor Ed Lee says so.

    The mayor promised that locals who lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area before the recent technology boom buoyed the economy -- and prices for rents -- will have an opportunity to share in the economic spoils, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    "There will be a lot of people locally hired," the mayor said. "If not, we will find out why."

    Activists seek to counter some of the adverse effects of a thriving economy limited to a high-skill sector: rising rents, vanishing diversity of culture, the newspaper reported.

    The problem is that locals don't necessarily have the skills required to make six-figure salaries at tech companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, and others welcomed with open arms to the city by Lee. To that end, the city accepted a $8 million grant from the federal government to train a workforce in tech, and Lee has asked private companies to "adopt" middle schools with gifts of computers and other items.

    Lee said that groups like, a venture of multiple tech companies spearheaded by Ron Conway, the angel investor who is Lee's main bankroller, are making good headway.