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Two Car Thieves Steal Children by Accident



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    One of the cases forced a Bay Area Amber Alert.

    Two Bay Area families had the scare of their lives Tuesday after thieves drove away in their vehicles with their children inside.

    Both cases have a happy ending.

    The first happened in Morgan Hill when a new mom left her running car in a Morgan Hill church parking lot. She was there to get some food from the church's pantry. While away for a few minutes someone jumped in the 1991 Infinity and drove away with a one month old baby inside.

    A regional Amber Alert was issued. Two long hours later a woman noticed an abandoned car with a baby inside in nearby Salinas. The family was reunited with baby Mariana at a local hospital where the little one was taken to be checked out.

    Baby Stolen Along with Car

    [BAY] Baby Stolen Along with Car
    Morgan Hill mother leaves her daughter and keys in a car, but the infant is recovered safe and sound in Salinas.
    (Published Wednesday, June 1, 2011)

    The second case happened in Vallejo a few hours later. A toddler was in the back seat of a car that was carjacked on Napa Street at 9:45 p.m.  The little girl's dad was forced out of the car at gunpoint.

    About 30 minutes later, a man called 911 to say that a little girl had knocked on his door. She was also safe. Her dad's car was found nearby.  Police said the thieves might have targeted the vehicle because it had fancy rims on the tires.

    Although the children were safe, police are still working the cases. So far, neither of the thieves have been caught.