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Walnut Creek Sting Nets Zero



    Walnut Creek Sting Nets Zero
    Sometimes people younger than 21 ask strangers to go inside liquor stores and buy them alcohol.

    No arrests were made in a shoulder tap operation Saturday night  for the first time since Walnut Creek police launched the project, police  said.

      The operation uses underage decoys who ask patrons outside liquor  or convenience stores to buy them alcohol under the supervision of a peace  officer, police said. The decoys indicate that they are minors and cannot  purchase the alcohol.

    All of the previous shoulder tap operations resulted in arrests or  citations for furnishing alcohol to a minor, public intoxication, or  furnishing tobacco products to a minor, Walnut Creek police said.

      "The word is getting around that (the) Walnut Creek Police  Department is cracking down on people giving alcohol to juveniles," one of  the underage decoys told police.

    The operation, which is part of the Department of Alcoholic  Beverage Control's Minor Decoy/Should Tap Operation Project, is conducted by  the Community Policing Team.

    The project is funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety  through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.