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Yes, Dorothy, There are Republicans in Marin



    12 Ways to Effortlessly Surprise Your Friends and Co-Workers

    Live in the Bay Area but hate President Barack Obama, taxes and "socialism?"  Believe it or not you are not alone.

    At least, that was the message sent by a weekend gathering of the Bay Area Patriots, who apparently love everything about America except taxation with representation and the government mandated by the country's constitution.

    The officially non-partisan group that is affiliated with the "Tea Party" movement nationwide, drew around 500 supporters to a gathering in the wealthy, relatively liberal enclave of Mill Valley in Marin County.

    Speakers shouted disfavor with everything from health care reform to global climate change, and though they hate taxes, they love the most expensive national military in the world.  You know, the one that provides nationalized medicine to its veterans.

    It must have been quite the scene to behold, the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

    Jerry Leidecker, an American Independent running for Congress, wore a shirt showing President Obama with what appeared to be watermelon juice on his lips.

    Asked about the apparent racial reference, Leidecker turned around to show a caricature of former President George W. Bush on the back of the shirt, labeled, "Fascist."

    No word if they all went to the Mill Valley Whole Foods after wards to show support for their ideological brothers and sisters at libertarian-minded grocery chain.

    Jackson West, for one, figures we'd all be better off if the armed forces were privatized and retained by multinational corporations instead of democratically elected leaders.