About OpenRoad With Doug McConnell


OpenRoad with Doug McConnell takes viewers on journeys to explore the natural, historical and cultural treasures of the Bay Area and northern California focusing principally in parks and open spaces protected by the public and made accessible to all people for all time. The central goal of the series and its associated media is to put the spotlight on crown jewels that belong to all of us and encourage viewers to learn more about them, visit them if possible and perhaps come to support them as volunteers and in other ways.

The Bay Area and northern California have led the nation for many decades in preserving open space and maintaining and restoring environmental and historical legacies. We’ve all been given a great gift that’s now ours to enjoy, enhance and pass to future generations in better shape than we found it. OpenRoad reminds viewers of this grand heritage of ours and we hope inspires them to discover all it has to offer to enrich their lives.

I’m the guide for the series, but the true stars are always the knowledgeable and engaging people we meet, the places they show us and the stories they tell. On television, we want everyone who finds us to have a good time, learn a little at least and be fired up to find out more by watching us again, visiting us online and hitting the open road themselves in search of adventure. Along the way, I hope they fall in love as much as I have with the wonders of nature and history protected by you and others in our own backyard.

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