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Abused Dog Recovering at Palo Alto Animal Shelter

Baby, a young bulldog-pitbull mix, was found suffering from injuries said to be consistent with dogfighting

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An abused dog left abandoned outside an animal shelter in Palo Alto is making a remarkable recovery thanks to the work of veterinarians and shelter workers.

Baby, a young bulldog-pitbull mix, is thriving at the Palo Alto Animal Shelter, but late last month, he was near death, suffering from injuries that were said to be consistent with dogfighting.

"This was definitely the most extreme case I’ve ever seen," Rachel Meisels, manager at the Palo Alto Animal Shelter, said.

Someone showed up outside the shelter after hours one night and left Baby in a crate. He was bleeding badly and undernourished.

"They take the crate out of their truck, they leave the crate there, and then he was out there overnight with his wounds bleeding," Meisels said.

Shelter employees eventually discovered Baby and took him to emergency care where he was treated. He's now being nursed back to health.

Baby's recovery has been so smooth, people who work at the shelter said he should be ready for adoption within a couple of weeks.

Baby appears ready to get back to action and ready for a brand new home.

"Sometimes when a dog's in that kind of pain, there's sort of an aggressiveness," Al Mollica, executive director of Pets in Need, said. "None of that with this guy."

Palo Alto Animal Control is conducting an investigation.

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