San Francisco

Aerospace Media Team Captures Awe-Inspiring Video of San Francisco

Crew members from an aerospace media team have turned their camera lenses on San Francisco, producing an awe-inspiring video that captures a rarely-seen angle of the city’s dazzling cityscape. 

Night Crew Labs, the team behind the video, say their goal is to produce films that "showcase the beauty of the earth," whether that means shooting at the Grand Canyon or in the Bay Area.

"San Francisco: Above the Clouds" is one of their latest projects – and it was certainly an ambitious one.

The crew, which is composed of Ph.D students and engineers, attached a few cameras to a stratospheric balloon and sent it floating into space, capturing the ground below.

The balloon was launched in San Francisco’s Presidio neighborhood and reached an astounding 91,470 feet before bursting 100 miles away near Highway 101, just south of Salinas.

The footage features views of some of the city's most iconic landmarks.

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