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Alameda-Based Coast Guard Crews Seize Over 9,000 Pounds of Cocaine Worth $156M

The cocaine was found aboard three different vessels in the eastern Pacific Ocean

Coast Guard crews from Alameda-based cutters seized thousands of pounds of cocaine (pictured) during recent operations in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area

Crews on two Alameda-based Coast Guard cutters recently seized more than 9,000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $156 million from three suspected drug-smuggling vessels in the eastern Pacific Ocean, the Coast Guard said.

Crews aboard cutters Munro and Bertholf intercepted the three vessels — one fishing vessel and two low-profile vessels designed to avoid law enforcement detection — between Jan. 26 and Feb. 1, according to the Coast Guard.

On the fishing vessel, crews found 1,300 pounds of cocaine concealed in the vessel, the Coast Guard said. One of the low-profile vessels was found to be carrying 3,439 pounds. The other was hauling more than 4,380 pounds.

Between the three interceptions, nine suspected traffickers were taken into custody, the Coast Guard said.

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