Anarchists Disrupt Occupy Oakland Strike

Protesters had to police themselves Wednesday.

The general strike protest in Oakland stayed peaceful for the most part, but there were a few cases of vandalism.

A Wells Fargo had it windows shattered in the late afternoon by a group of people who marched with the Occupy protesters. The bank's front sign was also painted over with graffiti as well as the ATM.

As of 4:30 p.m., there was spray paint all over the Wells Fargo  bank at 12th and Broadway, and the bank's front windows were smashed.    

Some of the graffiti read, "F--- the bank," and "Don't feed the  greed."  

The Wells Fargo and a Comerica Bank branch nearby were closed.

That same group of people dressed in black vandalized a Whole Foods store at 230 Bay Place, off of Grand Avenue. Occupy leaders called them anarchists and said they were not part of the movement.

Chopper video above the scene showed people trying to stop the people wearing black from destroying things.
The word "strike" was painted in large letters across the store's  front windows shortly before 3 p.m. an employee at a 7-Eleven across  the street said.
Rumors had circulated on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere that  Whole Foods employees risked termination if they participated in today's general strike. 

Whole Foods Oakland posted a statement on its Facebook page at  around 2:30 p.m. denying the rumors.
The store shut down for the day after windows  were smashed and paint was thrown on the storefront during protests related  to the Occupy Oakland's general strike today, a Whole Foods spokeswoman said.

A sign at Comerica bank stated, "This office is closed due to an  emergency" and advised customers to go to other branch offices in Alameda and  San Leandro.   

A Walgreens drugstore at 14th and Broadway was open part of the morning but was closed in the afternoon. The Rite Aid drugstore on the  opposite side of the intersection was closed.

Among the other businesses near 14th Street and Broadway that were  closed were the Men's Wearhouse, Footlocker, Pizza Man, Tully's Coffee and  Broadway Beauty.

But some businesses remained open, including Payless Shoes, Burger  King and De Lauer's newsstand.

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