Animal Lovers Remember Dogs Killed, Dumped at Vallejo Park

A somber crowd of animal lovers on Saturday gathered in Vallejo to remember the lives of one dozen dogs found dead at a park back in February.

The ceremony was held near Blue Rock Springs Park where a woman originally found the dogs stuffed in garbage bags. A suspected killer has yet to be identified.

“We feel that if don’t give voice to these dogs, these dogs will be forgotten and this crime will be unpunished,” Monica Stevens from Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch said.

The event started with a blessing. Then, mourners flew white kites in honor of the pups before resting those kites on the spots where the animals were discovered.

The Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch originally offered a $10,000 reward for information about a possible killer. That number was increased to $15,000 Saturday.

"We're really hoping that this person gets caught so that they don't continue their acts, but also perpetrate humans at the same time," Stevens said.

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