Apple Engineer, Horse Die in South Bay Crash

An Apple engineer is being mourned this week after dying while riding his horse in Morgan Hill.

Allen Haughray, known as Skip, worked at Apple designing iPods, but known for his eclectic tastes, also lived on a three-acre ranch in the South Bay and loved to ride his horse Regal Bull.

The California Highway Patrol said Haughray was riding his horse to a neighbors party Saturday night when a pickup truck struck and killed them both.

Friends told NBC Bay Area that he was riding with a friend and they both tried to flash the driver with their flashlights as he drove down the two-lane rural road. The driver apparently didn't see the lights because witnesses said he made a direct hit of the Regal Bull, sending Haughray 30-feet in the air.

He was air-lifted to Valley Medical Center with a serious head injury. Doctors could not save him.

The Mercury News reports so far the driver of the truck faces no charges.

The Merc also reports that Haughray had been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal cancer awhile back and the treatment appeared to be working in shrinking the tumor.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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