Apple Preparing the End of the Mac Pro: Report

Computing is an increasingly mobile practice these days, making old-school tower computers less and less necessary.

It even appears that Apple is considering giving the axe to the Mac Pro, it's high-end tower computer.

It makes sense; with the increasingly powerful guts being put into high-end MacBook Pros along with the speedy connectivity of Thunderbird, there's less and less reason to get a stationary Mac Pro. For not much more money you can get a MacBook Pro with comparable specs and hook it up to an external monitor. Unless you're doing really heavy-duty work with video editing or something similar, there's just not much of a reason to get a Mac Pro.

So Apple may be preparing to kill off the Mac Pro as soon as early next year. Will you miss it, or have you already moved on to an all-portable existence?

Via Apple Insider

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