China Buys More IPhones Than United States

Apple is expected to announce that China bought more iPhones than the United States for the first time last year, according to reports.

Apparently Apple's China sales rose when it partnered with China Mobile, "the country's largest network operator" after the iPhone 6 release in October, the Financial Times reported. Previously, Apple's chief executive Tim Cook said he expected Chinese sales to overshadow U.S sales -- the iPhone itself is more than half of Apple's sales and profits.

Analysts estimate that 36 percent of shipments are sent to China, compared to 24 percent to the United States. Last year, China had only 22 percent.

"It’s already been a good year, building up to the climax of this quarter,” Ben Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies, told Financial Times “It leads to a lot more optimism for China . . . Their potential headroom in China is higher than it is here [in the US].”

Apple's way in China has been impeded some by the Chinese government and regulatory processes, but it looks as if it has a rosy future with plenty of growth. But China isn't all about Apple or the iPhone. Despite the rising sales of iPhones, Android phones still dominate the Chinese market mainly because of  their cheaper prices.

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